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Applique Frenzy designs are NOT "iron on" or "sew on" designs. You MUST have an embroidery machine to use them. Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds!


Big Sis Applique Design-big sis, little sis, lil sis, new baby, newborn, sister gifts, sister applique, big sister applique
Big Sis Applique Design
Unicorn Face Applique Design-unicorn, mystical, horse, girls
Unicorn Face Applique Design
Crazy Hair Don't Care Embroidery Design-crazy hair don't care, crazy, i woke up this way
Crazy Hair Don't Care Embroidery Design
Graduation Cap Circle Applique Design-graduation, preppy graduation, preppy grad, monogram graduation, graduation hat, graduation cap, tassle, grad tassle, senior
Graduation Cap Circle Applique Design
Texas and Texas Girl Applique Design-TEXAS disproportionately awesome, big texas, texas girls, texas is great, everything is big in texas, texas girl
Texas and Texas Girl Applique Design
Jesus Heart Embroidery Design-jesus, easter, resurection, love jesus,
Jesus Heart Embroidery Design
$2.99 $1.50
A Whole lot of Jesus Embroidery Design-jesus, coffee
A Whole lot of Jesus Embroidery Design
Senior 2017 Applique Design-graduation, graduate, senior, high school, college, sorority
Senior 2017 Applique Design
Mouse and Girl Mouse Love Embroidery and Applique Design-mouse, minnie, mickey, love, disney, vacation
Mouse and Girl Mouse Love Embroidery and Applique Design
Mr & Mrs Heart Embroidery Design-marraige, love, marry, husband and wife, mr and mrs, wedding, bridal shower
Mr & Mrs Heart Embroidery Design
Firefigher Symbol Applique Design-
Firefigher Symbol Applique Design
Embellished Hot Air Baloon Applique-
Embellished Hot Air Baloon Applique
Martini Glass-
Martini Glass
Ribbon Tail Kite Trio Applique Design-
Ribbon Tail Kite Trio Applique Design
Shannon the Ladybug Applique Design-
Shannon the Ladybug Applique Design
Tennessee Princess Applique Design-
Tennessee Princess Applique Design
Love Anchors the Soul Embroidery Design-
Love Anchors the Soul Embroidery Design
Pinwheel Applique Design-
Pinwheel Applique Design
$3.99 $2.00
Faith Cross Applique Design-
Faith Cross Applique Design
Arrowhead Applique Design-indians, braves, seminoles, arrow, tomahawk
Arrowhead Applique Design
Music Note Applique Design-
Music Note Applique Design
Argyle Applique Design-
Argyle Applique Design
Breast Cancer Gloves Embroidery Design-
Breast Cancer Gloves Embroidery Design
Alabama Outline Applique Design-alabama, roll tide, crimson, elephant, ASU
Alabama Outline Applique Design
Tomahawk Applique Design-fsu, seminoles, football, tomahawk, atlanta, braves, chief, indian
Tomahawk Applique Design
American Princess Outline Applique Design-american, usa, united states, fourth of july, july 4th, patriotic
American Princess Outline Applique Design
Look out Kindergarten Graduation Cap Applique Design-
Look out Kindergarten Graduation Cap Applique Design
Graduation Cap Applique Design-
Graduation Cap Applique Design
Building Block Circle Patch Applique Design-LEGO, TOYS, BOYS, BUILDING BLOCKS, DUPLO
Building Block Circle Patch Applique Design
Jesus Fish Applique and Embroidery Design-jesus, christian, fish, religious, cross
Jesus Fish Applique and Embroidery Design
Guitar Bird Applique Design-guitar, bird, trendy, whimsical, fun,music
Guitar Bird Applique Design
Exhausted Mommy Applique Design-
Exhausted Mommy Applique Design
Exhaused Parents Applique Design-exhausted parents, parents, mommy, tired
Exhaused Parents Applique Design
Exhaused Parents EMBROIDERY FILL Design-parents, exhausted
Exhaused Parents EMBROIDERY FILL Design
Shine Your Light Verticle Design-christian, light, shine, religious
Shine Your Light Verticle Design
Shine Your Light horizontal Design-religious , cross, christian
Shine Your Light horizontal Design
Circle Trio Applique Design-circle trio, monogram
Circle Trio Applique Design
Barn Applique Design-barn, farm, animals
Barn Applique Design
Decorative Cross Embroidery Design-cross, religious
Decorative Cross Embroidery Design
Alien Applique Design-alien
Alien Applique Design
Alien Ship Applique Design-alien. alien ship
Alien Ship Applique Design
Alien Girl Applique Design-
Alien Girl Applique Design
Clown Applique Design-clown, circus
Clown Applique Design
Clown Hat Applique Design-clown, circus, clown hat, barnum and bailey
Clown Hat Applique Design
Electric Guitar Applique Design-music, instrument, guiter, electric, rock star
Electric Guitar Applique Design
Teapot Applique Design-teapot, tea, tea cup
Teapot Applique Design
Real Peace Applique Design-real peace, peace sign, cross, christian, religious, easter
Real Peace Applique Design
Cross My Heart Applique Design-
Cross My Heart Applique Design