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Applique Frenzy designs are NOT "iron on" or "sew on" designs. You MUST have an embroidery machine to use them. Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds!

Food, Sweets and Drinks

Popsicle Trio Applique Design-popsicle, summer, heat, beach
Popsicle Trio Applique Design
Popsicle Oval Patch Applique Design-Popsicle, ice cream, beach, summer, hot
Popsicle Oval Patch Applique Design
Pie..Cutie Pie Applique Design-fall, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cutie pie
Pie..Cutie Pie Applique Design
$3.99 $2.99
Cotton Candy with Monogram Circle Applique Design-
Cotton Candy with Monogram Circle Applique Design
Ice Cream with Monogram Circle Applique Design-
Ice Cream with Monogram Circle Applique Design
Fluffy Cupcake monogram Applique Design-
Fluffy Cupcake monogram Applique Design
Old Fashion Soda Bottle Applique   Design-
Old Fashion Soda Bottle Applique Design
Summer Lemonade Applique Design-lemonade, summer drink, beach, summer, sun
Summer Lemonade Applique Design
Ice Cream Bar Applique Design-
Ice Cream Bar Applique Design
Watermelon Slice Applique Design-
Watermelon Slice Applique Design
Watermelon Dumptruck Applique Design-
Watermelon Dumptruck Applique Design
Watermelon Applique Design-
Watermelon Applique Design
Pear Applique Design-
Pear Applique Design
Pear Trio Applique Design-
Pear Trio Applique Design
Cherry Applique Design-
Cherry Applique Design
Lemon Slice Trio Applique Design-
Lemon Slice Trio Applique Design
Lollipop Trio Design-
Lollipop Trio Design
Fluffy Cupcake Mini Embroidery Design-
Fluffy Cupcake Mini Embroidery Design
Original Cupcake Mini Embroidery Design-
Original Cupcake Mini Embroidery Design
Strawberry Applique Design-
Strawberry Applique Design
Strawberry Trio Applique Design-
Strawberry Trio Applique Design
Raggy Cupcake Applique Design-cupcake, sweets, candy, raggy, birthday, bday
Raggy Cupcake Applique Design
Ice Cream Float Applique Design-ice cream, summer, float, pool, spring, drinks, kelly's kids
Ice Cream Float Applique Design
Lemonade Glass Applique Design-lemonade, sun, summer, cool, refresh
Lemonade Glass Applique Design
Candy Corn Trio Applique Design-halloween, candy trio, candy corn
Candy Corn Trio Applique Design
Fluffy Birthday Cupcake Applique Design-birthday, cucpake, cake ,party ,celebrate, 1st
Fluffy Birthday Cupcake Applique Design
Cotton Candy Applique Design-circus, candy, food, fun, carnival
Cotton Candy Applique Design
Candy Corn Applique Design-trick or treat, candy corn, candy, halloween, fall
Candy Corn Applique Design
Cupcake Trio Applique Design-cupcake, cupcake trio, birthday
Cupcake Trio Applique Design
Cherries Applique Design-cheeries, fruit, summer
Cherries Applique Design
Mega Scoop Ice Cream Cone Applique Design-ice cream, summer, popsicle
Mega Scoop Ice Cream Cone Applique Design
Peace Love Cupcake Applique Design-birthday, peace, love, heart, cupcake
Peace Love Cupcake Applique Design
Lemonade Stand Applique Design-summer, spring, lemonade, beach, kids
Lemonade Stand Applique Design
Lemon Slice Applique Design-lemon, lemon slice, summer, lemonade
Lemon Slice Applique Design
Ice Cream Cone Trio  Applique Design-summer, food, sweets, ice cream, cone
Ice Cream Cone Trio Applique Design
Ice Cream Cone Applique Design
Ice Cream Cone Patch Applique Design-ice cream cone, sweets, summer, food
Ice Cream Cone Patch Applique Design
Fluffy Cupcake Applique Design-
Fluffy Cupcake Applique Design
Cupcake Applique Design-
Cupcake Applique Design
Cake Slice Applique Design-cake slice, birthday cake, 1st bday, cake in face, cake
Cake Slice Applique Design