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Applique Frenzy designs are NOT "iron on" or "sew on" designs. You MUST have an embroidery machine to use them. Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds!

Girls Only

Big Sis Applique Design-big sis, little sis, lil sis, new baby, newborn, sister gifts, sister applique, big sister applique
Big Sis Applique Design
Texas and Texas Girl Applique Design-TEXAS disproportionately awesome, big texas, texas girls, texas is great, everything is big in texas, texas girl
Texas and Texas Girl Applique Design
Queen of the Court-TENNIS Applique Design-tennis, queen of court, princess tennis
Queen of the Court-TENNIS Applique Design
Queen of the Court-BASKETBALL Applique Design-basketball player, bball, queen of the court, basketball princess, sports crown, crown, basketball crown
Queen of the Court-BASKETBALL Applique Design
Soccer Queen Applique Design-soccer, soccer girl, soccer crown, soccer queen, soccer princess, girly soccer
Soccer Queen Applique Design
Queen of the Court-VOLLEYBALL Applique Design-volleyball, volleyball queen, volleyball princess, queen of the court, vball, bump set spike.
Queen of the Court-VOLLEYBALL Applique Design
Frilly Sunglasses Applique Design-summer, sun, sunglasses, beach
Frilly Sunglasses Applique Design
Diamond Ring Applique Design-
Diamond Ring Applique Design
Supergirl Applique Design-supergirl, hero, wonderwoman, batman, superhero,
Supergirl Applique Design
Titles and Rings Bama Girl Embriodery Design-
Titles and Rings Bama Girl Embriodery Design
Eifle Tower Square Patch Applique-
Eifle Tower Square Patch Applique
Split Crown Applique-
Split Crown Applique
Split Crown Scallop Patch Applique-
Split Crown Scallop Patch Applique
Crown Applique-
Crown Applique
Crown Circle Patch Applique-
Crown Circle Patch Applique
Georgia Peach Princess Applique Design-
Georgia Peach Princess Applique Design
North Carolina Princess Applique Design-
North Carolina Princess Applique Design
I Know I'm Cute but I'm a Hot Mess Applique Design-
I Know I'm Cute but I'm a Hot Mess Applique Design
Collecting Crowns (Bow edition) Applique Design-
Collecting Crowns (Bow edition) Applique Design
Breast Cancer Gloves APPLIQUE Design-
Breast Cancer Gloves APPLIQUE Design
Future Miss America Applique Design-patriotic, pageant, miss america, july 4th, fourth of july, usa, united states, independence day.
Future Miss America Applique Design
$3.99 $1.60
Glamorous Applique Design-
Glamorous Applique Design
South Carolina Princess Applique Design-
South Carolina Princess Applique Design
Hippie Chick Applique Design-
Hippie Chick Applique Design
Carolina Girl Applique Design-
Carolina Girl Applique Design
Ballet Alphabet Embroidery Design-BALLET, DANCE, MONOGRAM, INITIAL
Ballet Alphabet Embroidery Design
Arkansas Princess Applique Design-PRINCESS, ARKANSAS, STATE, CROWN
Arkansas Princess Applique Design
Mississippi Princess Applique Design-mississppi, rebels
Mississippi Princess Applique Design
Alabama Princess Applique Design-alabama, auburn, southern , south, football, houndstooth, princess
Alabama Princess Applique Design
Florida Princess Applique Design-florida, florida girl, princess, palm tree, sunshine, summer, sunshine state
Florida Princess Applique Design
Georgia Princess Applique Design
Girls Dress Applique Design-dress,easter, girls, pretty, girly, monogram, personalize
Girls Dress Applique Design
Louisiana Princess Applique Design-louisianna, swamp, lsu, fleur de lis
Louisiana Princess Applique Design
Texas Princess Applique Design-texas, cowgirl, princess,
Texas Princess Applique Design
Frog Princess Applique Design-frog, princess, princess and the frog, queen, ribbit, fariy tale
Frog Princess Applique Design
Collecting Crowns Embroidery Design-pageant, princess, crowns, dolls, beauty queen,
Collecting Crowns Embroidery Design
Lil Miss Diva Applique Design-lil diva, miss diva, miss, diva, girl, swanky
Lil Miss Diva Applique Design
Little Sister Girl Applique Design-lil sis, little sister, lil sister, big sister, sibling, girl, new baby
Little Sister Girl Applique Design
I'm The Princess Embroidery Design-princess, crown, girls, spa, girly
I'm The Princess Embroidery Design
Alien Girl Applique Design-
Alien Girl Applique Design
Princess Crown Birthday Numbers Applique Font Design-princess, crown, birthday, girls, queen
Princess Crown Birthday Numbers Applique Font Design
Peace Love Cupcake Applique Design-birthday, peace, love, heart, cupcake
Peace Love Cupcake Applique Design
Peace, Love, Bows Applique Design-peace, love, bows, southern, minnie
Peace, Love, Bows Applique Design
Peace, Love, Bow Applique Design-peace, love, bow, girl, southern, south, minnie,
Peace, Love, Bow Applique Design
I'm the Big Sister Applique Design-big sister, girl little sister
I'm the Big Sister Applique Design
Purse Applique Design-purse, girls, shoes
Purse Applique Design
Daisy Applique Design-daisy, flower
Daisy Applique Design
$4.00 $2.00
Stemmed Daisy Applique Design-flower, daisy, stem
Stemmed Daisy Applique Design
$4.00 $2.00
Simple Crown Applique Design-crown, princess
Simple Crown Applique Design
Fairy Girl  Applique Design-fairy, girl, princess
Fairy Girl Applique Design
Teapot Applique Design-teapot, tea, tea cup
Teapot Applique Design
Big-Lil Sister Dress Applique Design-dress, big sister, lil sister, little sister,
Big-Lil Sister Dress Applique Design
High Heel Applique Design-
High Heel Applique Design