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Applique Frenzy designs are NOT "iron on" or "sew on" designs. You MUST have an embroidery machine to use them. Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds!


Unicorn Face Applique Design-unicorn, mystical, horse, girls
Unicorn Face Applique Design
Fox17 Applique Design-fox, monogram fox, boho, native american, tribal
Fox17 Applique Design
Elephant17 Applique Design-elephant, alabama, baby, baby theme, baby room, child
Elephant17 Applique Design
Lamb Applique Design-lamb, easter, resurection, jesus, salvation
Lamb Applique Design
$3.99 $2.00
Long Neck Dinosaur Applique Design-
Long Neck Dinosaur Applique Design
Deer Antlers Applique Design-
Deer Antlers Applique Design
Heart Love Birds Applique Design-
Heart Love Birds Applique Design
$3.99 $2.00
Dog with Bone Circle Patch Applique Design-
Dog with Bone Circle Patch Applique Design
Dog with Bone Applique Design-
Dog with Bone Applique Design
Elephant Square Patch Applique Design-
Elephant Square Patch Applique Design
Alligator Scallop Patch Applique Design-
Alligator Scallop Patch Applique Design
Fox Applique Design-kellys kids, kelly's kids, fox
Fox Applique Design
Elephant Scallop Patch Applique Design-
Elephant Scallop Patch Applique Design
Swirly Bird Scallop Patch Applique Design-
Swirly Bird Scallop Patch Applique Design
Tiger Circle Patch Applique Design-
Tiger Circle Patch Applique Design
Tiger Applique -
Tiger Applique
American Bulldog Applique-
American Bulldog Applique
Frog Applique Design-
Frog Applique Design
Simple Giraffe Applique Design-
Simple Giraffe Applique Design
Valentine Penant Penguin Applique Design-valentine, penguin, heart, love, february 14, animals, cute
Valentine Penant Penguin Applique Design
Teddy Bear Princess Applique Design-
Teddy Bear Princess Applique Design
Teddy Bear Applique Design-
Teddy Bear Applique Design
Monkey Face Applique Design-
Monkey Face Applique Design
Elephant With Heart Design-
Elephant With Heart Design
Lion Square Patch Applique Design-lion,square patch
Lion Square Patch Applique Design
Lion Solid Square Patch Applique Design-lion,patch,girl, cub, square
Lion Solid Square Patch Applique Design
Raggy Lion Mane Circle Patch Applique Design-animal, patch, lion, raggy
Raggy Lion Mane Circle Patch Applique Design
Elephant and Lady Applique Design-elephant, ladybug, lady, girly, spring, summer, animals
Elephant and Lady Applique Design
Frog Princess Applique Design-frog, princess, princess and the frog, queen, ribbit, fariy tale
Frog Princess Applique Design
Backview Bunny Trio Applique Design-bunny, trio, backview, backwards, cotton tail, easter, eggs,
Backview Bunny Trio Applique Design
$3.99 $2.00
Monkey Boy Applique Design-monkey, mod monkey, boy monkey, zoo, safari
Monkey Boy Applique Design
BOWdacious Bunny Face Applique Design-easter, easter bunny, bow bunny, bunny with bow, cute bunny, egg
BOWdacious Bunny Face Applique Design
$3.99 $2.00
EGG-ster Bunny Applique Design-easter bunny, bunny with egg, egg, bunny , rabit
EGG-ster Bunny Applique Design
$3.99 $2.00
Spirit Ram Applique Design-unc, tarheel, tarheels, university of north carolina, carolina blue, ram, chapel hill
Spirit Ram Applique Design
Barn Applique Design-barn, farm, animals
Barn Applique Design
Sheep Applique Design-sheep, farm, animal
Sheep Applique Design
Pig Applique Design-pig, farm, sheep
Pig Applique Design
Poodle Applique Design-dog, poodle, prissy,paris, girl, girly
Poodle Applique Design
Cow Applique Design-cow, on the farm, farm, animals, barn
Cow Applique Design
Monkey Girl Applique Design-monkey, mod monkey, girl monkey, hawaihan monkey
Monkey Girl Applique Design
Hound Dog with Shirt Applique Design-tenessee, hound dog, coondog, smokey, football, volunteers
Hound Dog with Shirt Applique Design
Football Tiger with Shirt Applique Design-tiger, auburn, football, mascot
Football Tiger with Shirt Applique Design
Wolf with Shirt Applique Design-nc state, state, north carolina, nc, wolf, wolf pack
Wolf with Shirt Applique Design
Elephant with Shirt Applique Design-elephant, bama, alabama,football,
Elephant with Shirt Applique Design
Bulldog Applique Design-
Bulldog Applique Design
Tiger with Shirt Applique Design-
Tiger with Shirt Applique Design
Alligator with Shirt Applique Design-
Alligator with Shirt Applique Design
Elephant Applique Design-elephant, alabama, football
Elephant Applique Design
Lab in a Wagon Applique Design-dog, lab, wagon, puppy
Lab in a Wagon Applique Design
Spotted Elephant Applique Design-elephant, kellys kids, animal, zoo, safari, jungle,
Spotted Elephant Applique Design
Turkey Applique Design-thanksgiving, fall, autumn, turkey, harvest
Turkey Applique Design
$3.99 $2.99
Alligator Patch Applique Design-alligator, girls and boys, gator, patch
Alligator Patch Applique Design
Snail Applique Design-snail, spring
Snail Applique Design
Monkey Applique Design-monkey, animal, safari
Monkey Applique Design
Boy Weiner Dog Applique Design-weiner, dog, dachsund
Boy Weiner Dog Applique Design
Girl Weiner Dog  Applique Design-dog, weiner , girl
Girl Weiner Dog Applique Design
Froggy Applique Design-frog, summer, froggy
Froggy Applique Design