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Applique Frenzy designs are NOT "iron on" or "sew on" designs. You MUST have an embroidery machine to use them. Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds!


Shark Fin Applique Design-summer, shark , beach , dolphin, sand, waves, hot, sun, beach, cruiz
Shark Fin Applique Design
Shark Fin Circle Patch Applique Design-shark, beach, fin, summer, dolphin, summer
Shark Fin Circle Patch Applique Design
Octopus3 Applique Design-octopus, sea creatures, beach summer, sun fun, summer, beach
Octopus3 Applique Design
Octopus3 Scallop Patch Applique Design-octopus, beach, summer, patch,
Octopus3 Scallop Patch Applique Design
Octopus3 Circle Patch Applique Design-octopus, summer, sun, beach, cruis
Octopus3 Circle Patch Applique Design
JellyFish 2 Applique Design-sealife, beach, summer, jellyfish, starfish, manowar, fish
JellyFish 2 Applique Design
Mouse Anchor Applique Design-minnie, disney, anchor, cruise, disney cruise, mickey, mouse, disney summer
Mouse Anchor Applique Design
Anchor Crab Applique Design-crab, anchor, summer, ocean, beach, cruise, vacation
Anchor Crab Applique Design
Octopus with Anchor Applique Design-
Octopus with Anchor Applique Design
$3.99 $1.60
Octopus with Star Applique Design-beach, sealife, summer, 4th of july, independence day
Octopus with Star Applique Design
$3.99 $1.60
Starfish Trio Applique Design-
Starfish Trio Applique Design
Whale Tail Scallop Square Patch Applique Design-
Whale Tail Scallop Square Patch Applique Design
Starfish Circle Scallop Patch Applique Design-
Starfish Circle Scallop Patch Applique Design
Whale Tail Circle Patch Applique Design-
Whale Tail Circle Patch Applique Design
Clown Fish Applique Design-
Clown Fish Applique Design
Shark Applique-
Shark Applique
Shark Circle Patch Applique-
Shark Circle Patch Applique
Whale Patch Applique-
Whale Patch Applique
Simple Whale Applique-
Simple Whale Applique
Crab 2 Applique Design-
Crab 2 Applique Design
Crab Split Applique Design-
Crab Split Applique Design
Fish 2 Applique Design-
Fish 2 Applique Design
Fish 3 Applique Design-
Fish 3 Applique Design
Friendly Octopus Applique Design-
Friendly Octopus Applique Design
Sea Turtle Split Applique Design-
Sea Turtle Split Applique Design
Sea Turtle Applique Design-
Sea Turtle Applique Design
Starfish Applique Design-
Starfish Applique Design
Sea Horse Applique Design-
Sea Horse Applique Design
Jellyfish Applique Design-
Jellyfish Applique Design
Stingray Applique Design-
Stingray Applique Design
Whale Tail Applique Design-
Whale Tail Applique Design
Dolphin Applique Design-
Dolphin Applique Design
Captains Hat Applique Design-sailing, cruising, cruise, captain
Captains Hat Applique Design
Mermaid Applique Design-mermaid, summer, sea, ocean,
Mermaid Applique Design
Crab and Life Preserver Applique Design-crab, summer, beach, swim,
Crab and Life Preserver Applique Design
Fishing Lobster Applique Design-fishing, lobster, sea life
Fishing Lobster Applique Design
Crab Applique Design-crab, sea life, ocean, sea animals
Crab Applique Design
Fish Applique Design-fish, sea life, animal, summer, beach
Fish Applique Design
Turtle Applique Design-animal, sea life, turtle
Turtle Applique Design
Fishing Lure Applique Design-fishing lure, boys, summer, fishing
Fishing Lure Applique Design
Shark Square Patch Applique Design-shark, sea life, summer
Shark Square Patch Applique Design
Crab Patch Applique Design-Crab patch, summer
Crab Patch Applique Design
Octopus Applique Design-octopus, summer, sealife
Octopus Applique Design
Whale Applique Design-whale, summer, sealife
Whale Applique Design
Turtle Applique Design-3 Variations-turtle girl summer
Turtle Applique Design-3 Variations